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More deadwood in forests: A major issue for resilience and biodiversity

Discover NOW our new report on the role of dead wood in our forests !

Rewilding nature in Wallonia: What are the opportunities?

Discover now our dossier dedicated to rewilding and the opportunities that this concept offers in Wallonia.

Plea for a large wilderness area in Wallonia

With the future creation of the first National Park in Wallonia, this opinion article from Forêt & Naturalité in 2016 is all the more relevant!

Białowieża : the swan song?

Read our coverage of the threats to Europe’s last remaining primary forest here. A lesson for all Europe’s forests!

Advocacy for forests and wilderness

Our activities

Forêt & Naturalité, a non profit organisation, is committed to promoting and developing the concepts of naturalness and rewilding in forest management among professionals, institutions and the general public, as well as participating in the protection and active defence of areas with a high degree of naturalness in Belgium and throughout the world.

Conferences and film debates

We offer a series of lectures or film debates on issues related to forests, ecology and the wilderness.


Thematic visits are regularly organised, in Belgium or abroad, by the association or by our partners.

Training courses

We organise targeted training courses on the functioning of the forest, rewilding practices, the evaluation of naturalness criteria and the identification and understanding of ecological processes in natural forests.

Investigation files

We offer a range of opinion articles, written reports and video reportages on topics related to ecological forest management.


Rewilding nature in Wallonia: What are the opportunities?

Rewilding nature in Wallonia: What are the opportunities?

As rewilding projects multiply throughout Europe, Forêt & Naturalité discusses this concept, which opens up new perspectives on how to conduct our nature conservation and biodiversity development policies. Forêt & Naturalité analyses the numerous opportunities offered to mener nos politiques de conservation de la nature et de développement de la biodiversité. Forêt & Naturalité analyse les nombreuses opportunités s’offrant à la Wallonie.

The spruce bark beetle: Crisis or opportunity for a better forest?

The spruce bark beetle: Crisis or opportunity for a better forest?

Where the majority of foresters and the media see a danger to ecosystems, Forêt & Naturalité sees in the bark beetle crisis a unique opportunity for the regeneration of a more natural and wilder forest. Through the bark beetle crisis and the chain of reactions to it, Forêt & Naturalité analyses the ideological foundations and lobbies at work in Walloon and international forestry policy.

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