The spruce bark beetle: Crisis or opportunity for a better forest?

Where the majority of foresters and the media see a danger to ecosystems, Forêt & Naturalité sees in the bark beetle crisis a unique opportunity for the regeneration of a more natural and wilder forest. Through the bark beetle crisis and the chain of reactions to it, Forêt & Naturalité analyses the ideological foundations and lobbies at work in Walloon and international forestry policy.


In the press…

(FR) Article dans la revue “Carnets des Espaces Naturels” d’Ardenne & Gaume.

(FR) Carte blanche dans Le Soir (juin 2021).

(FR) Article dans la revue Natagora (novembre-décembre 2021).

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What place for the wolf in Wallonia?

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Plea for a large integral reserve in Wallonia

Plea for a large integral reserve in Wallonia

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