Plea for a large integral reserve in Wallonia

En Wallonie, la totalité des forêts à haut degré de naturalité a disparu, mais nous disposons encore de certains massifs avec un grand potentiel pour le redéploiement de celle-ci. Une première étape essentielle serait le classement en réserve intégrale d’une grande superficie d’un seul tenant : une grande réserve intégrale en Région Wallonne de 5000 hectares !


Plaidoyer pour une grande réserve intégrale en Wallonie

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Natagora- Quel avenir pour le sauvage ?

(FR) Article dans Natagora: Quel avenir pour le sauvage?

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Białowieża: Saving Europe’s last primary forest

Białowieża: Saving Europe’s last primary forest

Since 2016, Forêt & Naturalité has been committed to the defence of the “last primary forest in Europe”, the Polish forest Białowieża. Our team has often visited Poland to investigate the plans of the government and foresters that threaten the last lowland primary forest in Europe. In this report, we offer a detailed account of the facts and issues at stake. Beyond the economic stakes, we discover power and interest struggles, divergent ecological arguments, and unsuspected ideological reasons. A situation that in some respects has surprising similarities with the situation here in Wallonia…

What place for the wolf in Wallonia?

What place for the wolf in Wallonia?

At the dawn of the return of the wolf to Wallonia, Forêt & Naturalité has formulated an opinion on the important issues at stake in order to successfully cohabitate with the various players in the area. The sustainable establishment of a wolf population certainly marks a new vision of the Walloon forest, wilder and freer.