Latest Past Events

Walk: Along the Eau Blanche, a natural river?

Rue Saint-Pierre 15 à 6462 Vaulx (Chimay) Rue Saint-Pierre 15, Vaulx

A 4km walk along the Eau Blanche on the theme of river renaturation. Along the way, we'll be taking the place of our species, the fario trout, the minnow, the beaver and the alder, in an attempt to understand the issues involved in the cohabitation of the river's inhabitants, past and present. We will provide […]

Otter conference

salle Robert Schuman à Attert Voie de la Liberté 107, Attert

Over the course of an evening, we'll try to understand how the otter is making a comeback in Belgium. We will learn how to discover its presence in a territory. We will study its impact on the environment and discuss the question of cohabitation between it and our species. An evening of discovery and exchange […]

Premiere : La sagesse de nos arbres – en route ! (film + discussion)

Le Monty Rue de Charleroi 58, Genappe

"La sagesse de nos arbres - en route!" is the first part of this new Belgian series of documentaries captured across our Regions and Provinces, imagined by Chenappan director Thierry Dory, presenting our environment in a new light. That of affect, aesthetic qualities and the direct benefits that nature generates for us, Humans. Premiere will […]