Walk: Along the Eau Blanche, a natural river?

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Walk: Along the Eau Blanche, a natural river?

A 4km walk along the Eau Blanche on the theme of river renaturation. Along the way, we'll be taking the place of our species, the fario trout, the minnow, the beaver and the alder, in an attempt to understand the issues involved in the cohabitation of the river's inhabitants, past and present. We will provide some answers to the following questions: What is a natural river? Can the Eau Blanche meet the needs of all its inhabitants, including us? Be warned, we'll be walking the long ascent to the big bridge at Blaimont. You'll need to be in good physical condition and mobile. If necessary, walking sticks are welcome.

Meeting place: Rue Saint-Pierre 15, 6462 Vaulx (Chimay). In front of the church

Guide : Arthur Timmermans

Registration required (number of participants limited) via foret.naturalite@gmail.com

31 March 20249h00-12h00 Rue Saint-Pierre 15 à 6462 Vaulx (Chimay)+ Google Map Excursions EN

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