Fall 2022: “rewilding” course.

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Fall 2022: “rewilding” course.

What is rewilding? How to put it into practice ? How to evaluate the naturalness of a forest? Of a river? This fall, Forêt & Naturalité is organizing a workshop to better understand rewilding and naturalness, concepts that are becoming increasingly important in nature conservation and biodiversity preservation.  

We propose a course of two times two days, two days in the Ardennes and two days in the Netherlands. Theoretical and practical aspects will be discussed during classroom sessions and field trips by the Forêt & Naturalité team and international experts.


1. November 07 and 08, 2022 (Belgian Ardennes)
Day 1: Rewilding: definition, history, concept and integral reserves.
Day 2: Approach to old growth forests and naturalness. Theory and field trip.

  2. November 14 and 15, 2022 (Netherlands)
Day 1: Discovering natural pastures. Theory and field trip with Free Nature.
Day 2: The importance of river restoration. Theory and field trip with Ark Nature.

Who is this course for? This course is intended for people active in the field of nature conservation. Basic naturalist knowledge is required. Fluency in English is a plus.

What is the cost of this course? The registration fee is 500 € for the whole course. This price includes lunch but not accommodation or dinner. Accommodation must be provided by the trainee.

To register, contact us via foret.naturalite@gmail.com.
You can only attend one session or one day? Contact us for more information.

28 February 20238h00-17h00 Training courses

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